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The Montessori curriculum is very broad based and covers traditional and uniquely Montessori subjects as given below. We intend to present subject matter from all given topics as explained:
1. The Exercises of Practical Life
2. Sensorial Materials
3. Language(s)
4. Mathematics
5. Cultural Studies
6. Sciences
7. Development of social behavior and physical activity.
Each of the above areas will be presented in simple format, even to the youngest child, and presentations will grow in complexity as the child matures in the environment.
The Montessori curriculum is non-graded and non-competitive, thus allowing the children to work and grow in an environment that permits their individual potential to reach its own level and at its own pace, without any negative or judgmental pressure.

"We are so excited to start a montessori in the Kern River Valley. Our goal is to empower your children to be all that they can be. Our heart is to create an environment where students feel rooted in peace, comfortable with structure, and confident in themselves. "

Your Teaching Staff
Ashlie Nash + Sierra Alexander

Facility #153810040

State law requires all children attending a public school facility must be current on vaccinations.

EXCEPTION ONLY; Medical exemption by Physician

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